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The Amazing Nervous System, Biofeedback Monitor

Man with a Noumic Biofeedback Monitor, holding a skin conductivity monitor. inventor with his invention prototype This website was created by Mr Rabbitts to promote his invention, an amazingly sensitive Biofeedback Monitor for the Human Nervous System.

The Noumic Devices work well, but, please consider them as prototypes of what could be.

While holding a Noumic Device people can practice certain mind and body exercises, it provides biofeedback information which enhances and speeds up the learning process.

Noumic Devices provide two distinct ways for monitoring the performance of the Human Nervous System:-

  1. Monitor of the Human Skin's Electro-conductivity, (otherwise known as EDA Electro-dermal Activity).

  2. Monitor of the Human Hand's Muscle and Nerve Tension, (informally known as a squeezomitor).

Beautiful electronic gadget invention, biofeedback monitor, Noumic Device.

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Reach For New Horizons in Deep Relaxation and Meditation Skills
With Our Beautiful Design Biofeedback Machine

Biofeedback Monitor, EDA electrodermal activity monitor. Hand held invention, beautiful electronic gadget for relaxation and meditation.

1. biofeedback - human conductivity monitor

Noumic Devices can monitor the Human Skin's Electro-conductivity.
(Otherwise known as EDA Electro-dermal Activity)

The concept for this is based upon Psychology research that enables people to develop deep relaxation and meditation skills.

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Biofeedback Hand Tension Monitor. Hand held invention, beautiful electronic gadget for learning fine control of the muscles and nerves of the hand.

2. biofeedback - hand tension monitor

Noumic Devices can monitor the Human Hand's Muscle and Nerves Tension.
(Informally known as a squeezomitor)

Enables people to develop extremely fine control of the muscles and nerves of the hand and then all other muscles of the body.

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The Inventor Says

Cartoon man holding an electronic gadget, cartoon biofeedback machine. My invention is a simple to use Biofeedback Machine with design features making it usable even as people engage in deep relaxation and meditation exercises.

Device to do Nothing With ?

With it you sit still and basically 'do nothing' except practice relaxing the body and mind. This is not what people want from their electronic devices; normally, they want to be entertained, stimulated, or to be provided with information. Today, less time is spent simply relaxing, and people seem to be loosing the skills for proper relaxation. Yet, there are proven health and well-being benefits that come from doing this. Psychology research discovered that, it can be easier to learn certain relaxation, meditation, and other self development skills with information from Biofeedback Machines.

Selling Price Apology

If large numbers of Noumic Devices were manufactured the selling price would be approximately £30. Sorry, but, the prototypes on sale now are double this price. World-wide they are the only ones available and, perhaps, they will never be made again; certainly the present purple colour will not be made again. So this maybe the your last chance to buy a truly unique and perhaps collectable Noumic Biofeedback Machine.

Perhaps one-day a benefactor will come who can bring resources and professionalism to take my invention further. Until then, I thank you for taking the time to read through this web-site, and thank anyone brave enough to buy and try one of my prototypes.

Perry J Rabbitts (June 2017)

Pricing Options for Noumic Device Prototypes

New Device

New Noumic Device (comes with battery pre-installed)
UK price £65 + P&P.
Other currency options available.
Less than 90 remaining.

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Not Perfect Device

Not-perfect Noumic Device, they DO work perfectly.
Outer casing not perfect appearance, or battery compartment-clip has broken.
Only a few available.

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Reject Device

A 'reject' Noumic Device, they DO work perfectly.
Not normally saleable, but this price gives less wealthy people a chance to try one.
Only a few available.

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Bids Welcome

Will consider selling the Whole Business with design rights.
Manufacturing Licensing rights available.
Investor / Angel Wanted.

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Noumic Biofeedback Invention.
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