Simple galvanometer, conductivity measurement device, electric current detecting instrument.
Skin conductivity monitor, beautiful galvanometer for humans, EDA monitor, GSR device. Human body and mind relaxation monitoring instrument. NoumicĀ® Devices make super sensitive measurements of skin conductivity 500+ times/minute. Handheld skin conductivity monitor, its white light indicates no change in body mind tension or relaxation. EDA conductivity device. Skin conductivity measuring device. EDA biofeedback GSR monitor. Meditation tool.

If someone is connected to a galvanometer (electric current meter) it shows that human skin has changeable electro-conductivity.

Measuring electro-conductivity with a super-sensitive galvanometer

Noumic Devices are super sensitive galvanometers for the human body. They output information by either coloured lights or different sounds. They instantly indicates when your skin conductivity, increases or decreases; and, indicate when conductivity is constant.

Skin conductivity ?

The reasons for and mechanisms that cause skin conductivity changes are complex and not fully understood. Psychology-science discovered that changes correlate with changes in the human body, mind, and nervous systems. Skin conductivity increases with increases in body and mind activity and, it decreases when the body and mind relaxes.

  • The link between conductivity of human skin and changes in body / mind activity was originally called, the Galvanic Skin Response, GSR; now, it is more commonly called the Electro-dermal Activity response, EDA.

  • Generally, skin conductivity is affected instantly when the body energises or relaxes. Even when the body is motionless skin conductivity continues to change depending upon changes in the mind.

  • The physiological changes that cause changes to skin conductivity are controlled by the brain and nervous system, in particular the autonomic nervous system. Millions of nerve-impulses flow throughout the body, they are electrical impulses, which could explain why changes in skin conductivity occur so rapidly.

  • Psychology research discovered that, learning to control certain aspects of the body and mind performance becomes easier if you have information from body monitoring devices. In particular, relaxation becomes easier to learn if you have EDA skin conductivity information. You try some relaxation technique, the device gives 'feedback' information, so you know whether the technique is working or not; if necessary you can adjust your technique to get the results you seek. This is the 'Biofeedback' Training Principle; also see our Biofeedback Page.

Skin conductivity and the mind

Psychology research discovered that mind activity (thinking, feeling, emotions, awareness, and states of consciousness) affect your skin conductivity. Conductivity increases with more activity and decreases with calmness and relaxation.


Something amazing happens when you achieve calm states of mind and a relaxed body! Skin conductivity changes slow down and then completely stop changing!

Skin conductivity information is known to be useful when learning to relax the body and mind. And, for meditation purposes, knowing that your rate of change is slowing is very useful information.

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