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A simple galvanometer, electric current meter, conductivity measurer, picture tahnks from from http://www.elexp.com/tst_1102.htm In history, creating electricity was know as galvanism. Today, a galvanometer is an electronic current measurer, similar to voltmeters and ammeters but much more sensitive. Sensitivity is the smallest change in electric current that can be indicated by the instrument. Our Noumic Device, in essence, is an electric current measurer. It is a galvanometer.

Our Beautiful Galvanometer
Noumic Device

A beautiful galvanometer, electric skin conductivity / current measurer for human beings. A galvanic skin repsonse gsr biofeedback monitor, glavanic skin resistance monitor

A NOUMIC DEVICE: An extra sensitive human galvanometer and gsr biofeedback monitor. A high-tech computerised, unique and beautiful gadget invention.
Do not be deceived by its beautiful appearance, this is probably the most sensitive measuring instrument that you will come across.

Technically speaking, our electronic invention is a computerised, self-calibrating galvanometer for human beings. We have made it as human-friendly as possible and you do not need to be clever to understand the information it gives.

There is a huge range when it comes to measuring electronic conductivity. This device automatically adjusts itself to maximise sensitivity, so it is capable of measuring extremely small changes in electronic current. All you do is simply hold it.

A Galvanometer for Human Beings

A handheld human galvanometer, bio electric current measurer. A galvanic skin repsonse gsr biofeedback monitor or glavanic skin resistance monitor.

A NOUMIC DEVICE: Its white light indicates a period of no change in skin conductivity which only happens when the body is completely relaxed and the mind is calm.

It is amazing but true that, electrical conductivity of human skin changes; it changes almost all the time and sometimes very rapidly.

The changes in conductivity are a result of changes in physiology; such as the sweat glands, hair follicles, blood flow, etc. These responses are controlled by millions of nerve-impulses from the human autonomic nervous system.

Human skin conductivity is affected instantly when the nervous system energises or relaxes. Even an incredibly small change to the nervous system affects skin conductivity. Sometimes even a passing thought or emotion is sufficient to cause a detectable change in skin conductivity.

The Galvanic Skin Response, GSR

Even if the human body is motionless and the mind seems relaxed, still the nervous system is active and the skin conductivity responds to changes in emotions and state of consciousness.

This is the basis for our claim that, amongst many other interesting uses, our invention is an altered state of consciousness detector. And, of course, it is perfectly designed to be a relaxation and meditation self-monitoring device.

The Human Nervous System - An Electrical System

Human nervous system. Activity in this bio electric network affects skin conductivity, or skin galvanism.

Human body & mind relaxation and stress, their emotions, feelings, and mental activity, all these cause changes, or electrical impulse movements, in the nervous system. This rapidly affects the conductivity of the skin.

Training the nervous system is easier when using a highly responsive GSR bio-feedback monitor.

Psychological research has shown that it is easier to train yourself to control certain aspects of the body and mind if you have information from monitoring devices. You try some technique, the monitoring device gives you information so you can adjust your technique or keep going to get the results you seek. This is the 'feedback training' principle. Also, see our biofeedback device page.

A gsr biofeedback monitor device, a high tech electronic invention.Monitoring the galvanic skin response is particularly useful in biofeedback training as you get almost instant information that helps you learn to control certain aspects of the body and mind performance.

Our new age concept, computerised, galvanometer gives highly sensitive galvanic skin response information.

Please consider buying a Noumic Device so that we can continue its development.

Noumic™ Bio-feedback device that constantly monitors skin connectivity.