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Humans and Electricity

The electrical conductivity of human skin is changeable; it changes almost all the time and very rapidly.

A galvanometer for humans. A hand-held GSR Biofeedback Device, galvanic skin repsonse monitor; also known as a EDA Biofeedback Device, Electro-dermal Activity monitor. It can monitor rapid changes in skin conductivity; its white light indicates a period of no change, which only happens when the body is completely relaxed and the mind is very calm.

A Noumic Device can monitor the rapid changes in skin conductivity. Here, its white light indicates a period of no change; which only happens when the body is completely relaxed and the mind is very calm.
The reasons for and mechanisms that cause skin conductivity changes are quite complex and not fully understood. Psychology-science has investigated this phenomenon in great depth and found that, changes are caused by changes in physiology; such as, the activity of sweat glands, hair follicles, and blood flow. But what mechanism causes these physiological changes to occur?

Of course, these physiology changes occur as a result of body activity, relaxation and tension. However, even when the body is motionless, they continue to occur! This lead to the amazing discovery that, skin conductivity changes occur, also, as a result of mind activity, thinking, feeling and emotions.

Even thoughts and emotions affect the skin's conductivity.

A Noumic GSR Biofeedback Device, Galvanic Skin Response monitoring instrument.

A Noumic Device galvanic response monitoring instrument. Here, showing it switching off, where lights show simultaneously. Generally
speaking, human skin conductivity is affected instantly when the body energises or relaxes; for example as a result of body activity, movement and exercise. Changes still occur when the body is motionless, when it relaxes deeper or becomes tense. Therefore, skin conductivity information is useful when learning to deeply relax the body.

Amazingly, psychology-science found that thoughts, emotions and, changes in "state of consciousness" can cause changes in skin conductivity. Perhaps incredibly small changes, but, detectible with specially designed electrical instruments. This information is useful when learning to control / relax the mind; or for meditation purposes.

Conductivity increases with more thinking, physical activity, or emotion; and it decreases with more calmness, relaxation, or a more peaceful mind.

Measuring electrical conductivity

A simple galvanometer, electric current measuring device, conductivity meter. In history, creating electricity was know as galvanism. Today, instruments to measure the potential for electric current flow, or conductivity, are called Galvanometers. They are similar to voltmeters but much more sensitive; sensitivity is the smallest change in electric current that can be detected by the instrument.

A beautiful extra sensitive human galvanometer. This Noumic Biofeedback Device measures the Galvanic Skin Response, GSR; also known as the EDA response, Electro-dermal Activity.

A beautiful extra-sensitive human galvanometer. This Noumic Device measures the Galvanic Skin Response, GSR; also known as the EDA response, Electro-dermal Activity.
The link between conductivity of human skin and physiological changes or psychological states was called the Galvanic Skin Response, GSR; and now, more commonly called the Electro-dermal Activity response, EDA.

In essence, the Noumic® electronic invention is a Galvanometer for Human Beings. Do not be deceived by its appearance, it is probably the most sensitive measuring instrument that you will come across.

The Noumic® Device is computerised and makes 500+ measurements of skin conductivity per minute. It automatically adjusts itself to maximise sensitivity and is capable of measuring even extremely small changes.

Human Nervous System - An Electrical System

Human nervous system, an electric network of nerve impulses that affect physiology which affects skin conductivity.

The physiological changes that result in changes to skin conductivity are controlled by the brain and nervous system, in particular the autonomic nervous system. Millions of nerve-impulses flow throughout the body, they are electrical impulses which could explain why changes in skin conductivity occur so rapidly.

Psychology research has shown that, it is easier to train yourself to control certain aspects of the body and mind if you have skin conductivity information from monitoring devices. You try some technique, the monitoring device gives you 'feedback' information so, if necessary, you can adjust your technique or keep going to get the results you seek. This is the 'Biofeedback' Training Principle; also see our Biofeedback Page.

Noumic® Device, Pocket-size Biofeedback Computer Gadgets.