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The inventor seeks help to develop the business.

I, Mr Rabbitts, am the inventor of Noumic Biofeedback Devices and creator of this website. I am an amateur entrepreneur, lacking in business connections, know-how, and confidence.

Noumic Devices have had no media exposure or proper marketing input. I believe they could become very successful if given professional support and a little more investment.

1000 Noumic Devices were created, and less than 100 remain in stock. This first batch of 1000 devices were not perfect; they work well, but I consider them as prototypes of what could be if development was finalised.

On this page is a little detail about the Noumic Device Business.

  • I explain what has gone wrong and why sales have been poor.

  • I suggest what would be required to take the invention to the next step.

  • I list some positive things about the business.

Business help / Support Wanted

  • Ideally I would like to find a Business Angel Investor who will work with me to take this Biofeedback Device Invention forward.

  • I seek Electronic Device Manufacturers who might produce my invention under licence and provide the marketing and distribution support.

  • I seek Wholesalers / Retailers who are prepared to work with me to create the next generation of Noumic Devices that are suitable for mass-market sales.

  • If necessary, I am prepared to sell the whole business including registered design and trade mark rights.

I suggest you first buy and try a Noumic Device first to see if you actually like the product. Please, serious enquiries only!

Inventor with his Noumic Device invention. He is seeking a business angel investor or manufacturing licence agreement.

electronic device, biofeedback inventionAbout the Noumic Biofeedback Device

  • It is a beautiful, unique looking electronic gadget. When held or touched it monitors aspects of the the human body. Details of what it monitors and applications for it can be found elsewhere in this website.

  • The device comprises of a battery that powers a single silicon chip (off-the shelf, programmable PIC sensor chip). It has 4 differently coloured LED lights, and it produces 4 different types of sound.

  • When the metal sensor-plates are touched, the device monitors the variable conductivity / resistance between the sensor plates.

    The device self calibrates; when it detects fairly static conductivity it becomes progressively more sensitive, eventually it can detect the minutest of changes in conductivity. (In layman's terms, it becomes a conductivity microscope - it can detect the tiniest of change)

  • The inventor owns the design rights and trademark.

Problems and What is Needed

The Device

  • Manufacture Quality
    Of the 1000 device manufactured, the two first batches (about 200) had very bad quality issues and were not robust enough. My pre-order customers were very disappointed.
    With the imperfect appearance and device casing reliability issues, I could not offer Noumic Devices to wholesale customers.
  • Incomplete - Programming could be improved
    The invention developer, based in India, was in a hurry to complete. I believe that a little more programming of the device would add considerably to its performance.
    In particular, sound-mode needs improving.

Marketing / Promotion

  • This invention has never appeared in the media and proper promotion has never been done.
  • At times the Noumic website has been the only means of selling the Device and the website has been amateurish.

What is required to take the device forward

  • Improved programming to refine its performance.
  • Connectivity could be added, USB data download option could add an extra dimension to this product.
  • The device casing needs adjusting to improve robustness.
  • Modern LEDs would improve this device.
  • More soothing sound options, and perhaps an earphone option, would make the sound option more widely acceptable.
  • Better packaging / promotion.

What is good about the business

  • The device is fairly inexpensive to produce, easy to post globally, and there is plenty of scope for profit.
  • There are not many competitors products.
  • Our current selling price is very high; however, with large-scale manufacture, the price could be reduce by more than a half and would undercut existing competitors.
  • I am a sole-trader, with no other business partners or complications.

It has a niche market, but the concept of deep relaxation and meditation are becoming more popular and are likely to increase in popularity in future years. Perhaps, given some media exposure it could become amazingly popular. Because it has so far been low key, there is scope for developing the brand afresh.

Noumic Biofeedback Device Invention. Invention seeking a Business Angel Investor.
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