Mr Perry Rabbitts holding his Noumic Biofeedback Device invention.
Perry Rabbitts

About Us

  • Noumic Device was invented by,
    Mr Perry Rabbitts.
  • My sole-trader business is called,
    "Spiritual Enterprise."
    VAT reg: GB 724 5186 35


email :

Mr Perry Rabbitts
Spiritual Enterprise
19 Florida Court
Berkshire. RG1 6NX.

Tel: UK (0)118 961 3955
(Tue-Frid 10am-5pm)

Noumic Device Developed by

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Ascenten Technologies
Ahmedabad 380006, India.

Noumic Copyright
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Why Spiritual Enterprise?

  • My aim is to help people understand themselves beyond the physical body and thinking-mind. Spiritual master-teachers of the past knew about the human mind's potential; however, this wisdom has almost been lost or is inaccessible because it has become mixed up with other concepts and religious ideas.

  • Meditation practices and certain types of body/mind relaxation seems to be the answer for unfolding the human mind's potential. But, accessing impartial guidance and training for this is difficult and the technical meditation aids available are too invasive for proper mind-freeing relaxation to take place while using them.

  • I do not have this knowledge directly, I have not experienced the expansion of consciousness I speak of, but I believe that searching for it is a worthwhile human activity.

  • My aim is to create information systems and devices that help people develop proper relaxation and meditation skills. Eventually, this will lead to spiritual self-discovery!

  • This is why my sole-trader business is called Spiritual Enterprise.

Why I chose the word 'Noumic,' see the Noumic definition page.